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Thursday, February 25, 2010

10KG too much!

Last night I came home and weighed my bag I had been carrying around all day.. It was just short of 10kg thats nearly an airline check in allowance. I didn't even have my laptop with me that day! No wonder my shoulder constantly hurts. Daily bag contents include gym kit, diary, note book, make up, magazine or book. Nothing out of the ordinary for a woman in London. I end up carrying a bag as big as a Birkin!

So I really I should use my North Face ruck sack, which had good comfort, storage, functionality and a bit of street cred. However when your wearing a fur coat and/or heels you look abit silly with a North face rucksack. I hate seeing women on the tube dressed in workwear or smart suits sporting a rucksack and trainers they clearly use for the gym. So what's the alternative?

The problem I find is there is no happy medium between comfort i.e North Face and style or elegance. I find Eastpak bags move around too much or the straps fall off. Rucksacks from brands such as Louis Vuitton are too small. Hmm elegant rucksacks... Is this a brief that can be solved? I think Im going to have to try and make BLACK NEON rucksacks or stop using public transport!

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Anonymous said...

It's so difficult, isn't it , darling? What's a girl to do? What you need is your own chauffer-driven town car and then you wouldn't need to worry about a thing! Lol x