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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glamour, Fashion and Snow

It's always a rush to see exhibitions before they finish let a lone in the snow, last week visiting Tim Walker and Valentino at Somerset House and Hollywood Glamour at the V&A was certainly inspiring.
The scale of the exhibition wasn't as large as I had anticipated nor was the range of items as diverse. The main focus was around a beautiful dresses displayed either side of a catwalk amongst chairs labelled with names of celebrity and royalty show guests. Valentino creations are imaginative and exquisitely executed, true dreamy couture.

Tim Walker
Master of out of this world fantasy, Tim Walkers imagination runs wild producing imagery featuring the highest calibre of sitter. Stunning photos displayed alongside props featured in the shoot, such as a giant doll. This is the kind of fashion image that inspires, reminds you that everything we do shouldn't evolve around cost, margins, distribution, bringing back the essence dreaming and creating.

 Vivienne Westwood
Lindsey Wixson
 Tim walker in the Serengeti
Tim Walker shoot featuring Karen Elson was taken for Vogue in a central London (8 bed) house before I got to work on the interior design.
Kirsi Pyrhonen in stripes with parrot and yellow smoke, fashion by Jil Sander, Sennowe Park, Norfolk, 2010

Hollywood Glamour 
This is how an exhibition should be, exciting, substantial and emotive. I visited this during one of the early morning VIP openings which was a real treat. Walking round the museum so early in the morning made me feel like a child wondering if all the statues come alive at night. The use of moving film imagery on large projections and digital screens showing interviews with actors, actresses and costume designers really brought costumes of varying decades into 2013. Its great to see the V&A putting on a fashion exhibition of this scale. Highlights were the dress worn by Joan Crawford in the The Bride Wore Red, Suit worn by Tippi Hedren in Hitchcocks The Birds and Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Noemi Klein / Lust List

Originally from the West German countryside, Noemi Klein began working as a jeweller in East London in the early 2000s. She first started designing and working with metal after being given a cast off piece of machinery by her dentist father. Her latest collection Epoch 4 inspired by endo- and exoskeletal elements from crustaceans and other deep sea creatures is handmade in her studio and can be bought from stockists worldwide and via Noemi's online store.

Noemi has recently collaborated with tattoo artist Liam Sparkes (who likes black lines, olden day nostalgia, brutality) to create something a little different to her usual items but with a similar essence. 

Something In The Air

....a style increasingly apparent and of the moment... 90s fashion (for those who didn't catch it the first time round, or fancy it again) meets cyberpunk (if you weren't scared at the music coming from Cyberdog in Camden) in an extremely sexualised way...

Kesh has always been one to watch, a leader who makes stylish artwork using herself as a muse, canvas and tool to produce such imagery.

Brooke Candy, Californian rapper attributes her over-sexualised as a result of her father working behind the scenes at Hustler.

Lady Gaga, making her style worldwide.

Rita Ora, Hot Right Now