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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glamour Awards

Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards served amazing cocktails, Godiva chocolates and very large goody bags with products including 8 hour cream, Moroccan oil hair and Nails Inc latest neon pink shade. Spotted Ronnie Wood in the photobooth and, plus most of The Voice enjoying themselves in the Pink room, however I must say having Donatella Versace brush past me was my highlight of the evening!

.............wearing Black Neon overside silk t-shirt dress, with Black Neon Arrow clutch bag, and Black Neon Arrow silver ring! thats alot of swag!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lust List

This mens Givenchy birds of paradise print is lust worthy, the price is not, T-shirt prices are getting silly...yours for $785! At least its made in Portugal I guess!

Lana Del Ray X Notorious B.I.G

Came across this after reading a friends Le Fist Noir blog.... and had to share this... Lana Del Rey X Notorious B.I.G mixtape by 'Born Ready To Die' Terry Urban

Influences of style

I'ts no secret that our style is influenced by many elements, cultures, history, travel, music and others around us. So the comparison of Rita Ora to Gwen Stefani is not a shock. Influences of starlets such as Veronica lake, mixed with hip hop have lead to combining glamour and rawness topped off with a good amount of jewellery (yes still factors that impact my look too). I'm holding out for a Gwen Stefani x Rita Ora x MIA colab....Now that what would be hot! Oh and can Jessie J fit in there somewhere too! Happy days!

Interview about influences of style I did as part of an exhibition held at the V&A Museum 'Fashion V Sport' Edited by Ligaya Salazar in 2008.

 back in 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Body Adorned: Dressing London

at the Horniman Museum was a really great exhibition I visited at the weekend. The Horniman has some great artifacts, similar to Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The museum has recently seen a total refurbishment and looks stunning, there was even a wedding happening in the beautiful large conservatory. The exhibition had some great examples of accessories including tribal artifacts from many countries including Papua New guinea, Borneo, Nigeria and New Zealand. Many used exotic feathers and teeth including shark and tiger teeth, to make necklaces or headdresses used for battle or spiritual protection. The exhibition also included images of London street style, which was a good idea making the artifacts relevant to today, but could have been curated differently to integrate old and new more seamlessly for example by directly reference the tradition of tattoos or body modification and show modern interpretation side by side. The exhibition left me hungry to discover more especially regarding the traditions and dress from Papua New Guinea, I can feel some experimenting with teeth and feathers in jewellery happening in the near future.....

Modern Movement - Brockwell Lido

This weekend saw the annual Brockwell Lido,  Modern Movement Festival, celebrating 20th century design including the Big Jump. Unfortunatly on Saturday the weather was auful, and to start the open air swimming season off by jumping all together into an 11 degrees C pool, there were 10 of us! Needless to say I couldn't finish one length it was that cold, next time I'll be sensible and wear a wetsuit, not a Black Neon bikini!
Such a shame British weather isn't as great as our spirit! Over 500 people attended the event despite the rain!
Stall holders included Retro Bazaar and D H Restoration.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tori Murphy - Getting Closer

Tori Murphy will be soon launching her first textiles collection at Pulse trade show from the 10th June 2012. I know how hard it is producing in the UK, and Tori has done fantastically. I can't wait to see the collection in its entirety, and get my hand on one of her blankets!

Best of British Cake

Made with the expert help of special lady for a friends special 'Best of British' theme birthday. Yes its sweet, chocolate, and fish and chips! 

On Plate, Still Hungry

Friends come and go, from city to city but friendship remains. I managed to see Kat for about 1 minute, she was busy in the kitchen, a flying visit from New York! Great turn out for the launch, of a great concept; On Plate, Still Hungry. I particularly loved the visual representation of of cereal breakfast v's eggs, clearly weekend bring more time, more fry ups and a change from routine. 
It was an interesting experience documenting food for a week, how the though of someone else seeing what you eat affects your eating choices, and also how you present the food you photograph.

Some meals from my week....

Photo's from the launch night at Protein...