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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hannah's work is inspirational. I have being fortunate enough to watch her in action as I worked away on the first ever BLACK NEON collection (in a studio next door to her, thanks to Modernist) Her work questions how femininity is perceived. Her strong, edgy, powerful clothes are extremely sexy in a Grace Jones way. She is a woman who knows that we don't have to wear floral floaty dresses to appear feminine. Femininity can also mean strength and power. Hannah is not only a visionary producing stunning clothing but is also a strong business woman and a lovely person! A true female role model.

Femininity is often seen as girly, ditsy, light and airy or of no substance, with opinions that can be easily brushed over. The trappings of femininity can often work against us. A good friend of mine believes she has not been offered jobs once they see her in the flesh. Her CV is the reflection of an extremely clever lady, a high achiever in a business world (she earns in 1 year what I would make in 4) she has the ambition to climb as far up the ladder as she can. She doesn't want children and the idea of a boyfriend being like a noose around her neck is equally unappealing. She is a true Alpha Female. However as soon as she walk through the door into an interview they are bowled over by her tiny frame, long blonde hair, false eyelashes and relatively young age for someone with such an impressive CV. Just because she is attractive or young does not mean that she isn't a strong business woman. From the lips of various female FD's and MD's they say they have had to work that bit harder to prove themselves in a mans business world. I wonder did Karren Brady get the same treatment on her way up? Karren Brady became MD of Birmingham City FC at 23. Karren is now Sir Alan Sugar's new assistant for the sixth series of the apprentice. It is often noticed when women in power are not dressing in a submissive or girly way. Take Rachida Dati, European Parliament member and former French Minister of Justice. Her uncompromising nature and dress code, think Dior and leather trousers has often raised an eyebrow or two. Not to mention the fact that she became a single mother at 43 and returned to work after just 1 week. You shouldn't have to compromise your femininity to be a woman in power. Dress fierce and knock them dead. If they dont like it set up your own company and walk over theirs in your Louboutin's!

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