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Saturday, August 28, 2010

BLACK NEON @ The Lingerie Collective

Great video courtesy of the lovely ladies from BLACK NEON is featured from 8.30 mins!
I'm not great at being put on the spot, but at least you get to see abit of the collection, plus the other brands including the beautiful Ell & Cee!
This is what 'Knickers Blog' said about BLACK NEON.....
'If you’re less interested in the flowy feminine stuff and want to make a splash instead, you’ll like the brand new swimwear label, Black Neon. Cast in uncompromising colours and bold geometric patterns, this label’s swimwear is designed to create a confident, modern (yet retro) style. Our favourite part of the collection has to be those bold blue silk shorts Jodi shows you, but we also love the strapless bathing suit with its incredibly flattering cut.'

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mint Siren by Josefine Wing / Brand Feature

Mint Siren by Josefine Wing is sexy, powerful and delicate all at the same time. Swedish born Josefine completed her womenswear fashion degree at ESMOD school in Norway before embarking on her Mint Siren journey. Josefine's view on lingerie is seeing each item as a fashion piece with outer wear potential, a perfect example of this aesthetic can be seen through Mint Sirens strap collection. Consisting of black or brown leather straps with brass buckles available in a caged skirt, wrist and ankle cuffs, suspender belt and chest harness. The chest harnesses caused a stir at The Lingerie Collective show I lost count of how many were sold, needless to say I'm now a proud owner of a Mint Siren brown harness, that makes me feel like I'm a naughty kid in reins!

As part of Mint Siren's ever evolving multi faceted collections Josefine (sat on the right) and Ana St.Claire have collaborated together to produce perhaps the worlds first latex handbag. The latex feels very erotic and smooth, perfectly constructed and finished the bag is labour intensive but worth the RRP around £800.
SS11's collection brings us cream stretch silk chiffon lingerie in a body, soft bra and pants and includes a pig suede 'pocahontas' poncho and matching bra and pants! Showing yet again Mint Siren's different personalities and talents.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lascivious / Brand Feature

Showing at the Lingerie Collective Black Neon caught up with Chloe Hamblen and Rachel Littlejohn from Lascivious.
Lascivious' name is quoted in the dictionary as; Given to or expressing lust; lecherous. Exciting sexual desires; salacious. Lustful, playful. Which defines the nature of the lingerie and the brand itself, naughty but nice! Lascivious manages to perfectly blend the luxurious erotic styles with a commercial appeal.
Lascivious was started by Chloe just under 6 years ago, with Coco de Mare being the first store to stock the brand. Lascivious has grown into a sought after brand with around 40 International stockists, including Selfridges, Apartment C and Victoria Secrets as well as the brands own online store.
Chloe has remained dedicated even through the tough times of the brand, now she is able to concerntarte more of her time on the elements that she enjoys best, the creative side. Chloe's creative vision and great technical skills are supported by her small but perfectly formed team including the amazing Rachel, handling sales and Chloe's brother who takes care of digital (web/design/branding).
Lascivious' Press coverage include Vogue, iD, Harpers Bazaar and Wallpaper. The brand's PR which use to be handled in-house is now with HPR, another indication that this is a brand now competing in the next level. Celebraties featured in Lascivious include Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Drew Barrymore.
Lascivious price range retails around £80 - £130 for a set in the luxury basics range, and around £350 in the high end fashion ranges. An exciting edition to the range is Candy but soon to be available with hand embellished swarovski crystals £900.
Yet more excitement from Lascivious is the SS11 shoot, shot by Rankin stars his wife Tuuli. The shots are as you would imagine, sexy, erotic, modern, stunning. Watch this space!
In the meantime take a look at the AW10 collection shoot! Which will be available from next week! Don't forget to check out

BLACK NEON at the Lingerie Collective Show - August 2010

Thanks to Ying at The Willow Shoreditch for my lovely flowers!

BLACK NEON's first ever trade show. Its always great to get out there and network, thanks to Kelly from The Modern Courtesan and David Finlayson the event was possible. Some great brands showed including Lascivious, Mint Siren by Josefine Wing, Ell & Cee, and Olga Olsson. The Lingerie (& Swim) Collective show has expanded from a hand full of brands to around 35 labels. Most brands designed and made in the UK making the event a real destination for the "Best of British"
It' always a big step, the first step into a buyers world, I feel that the show is indeed the ideal place to launch the brand, yet I wished the UK had more sun to create more of an awareness and desire for swimwear. I think Ibiza in September and Miami in 2011 will be very exciting for BLACK NEON!