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Friday, March 19, 2010


First day of racing at Cheltenham. I didn't loose much money betting thankfully. A great day with lovely weather, company, food and drink. I was rather disappointed at the turn out from the ladies, not much effort put in. Cheltenham seems to draw crowds that are out for the sport, rather than the fashion (what a shame!)

Alex and I were dressed rather low key. Alex sporting Reiss skirt, hat and Anya Hindmarch clutch bag whilst I opted for Vivienne Westwood skirt and shirt.

Unfortunately a horse that I tipped to fall had to be shot. I really don't like hurdles, there's too many injuries both to horse and ride, some would say that makes the race more exciting, which on one had it does, but on the other it can be cruel.
There were various countrywear shops selling lots of tweed, wellies, furs and barbours. This guy was showing us the waterproof nature of his boots!

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