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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seana Gavin - Mindful Exhibition

It's always great to see one of the girls getting towards where they want to be, Seana Gavin is certainly making headway in the art world. Seana was asked to take part in the Mindful Exhibition held in the Old Vic Tunnels.

The exhibition's aim is to raise money for the new creative therapies fund within Mind. The Mind creative therapies fund was initiated in 2011 by artist Stuart Semple to fund projects enabling those experiencing mental ill health to explore creative forms of expression. “The whole point of instigating this fund is to enable others access to the therapeutic potential of creative expression, people who may not have the chance, encouragement, or resources to do so otherwise”.

Other artists who were asked to take part vary in notoriety and medium;
Jake & Dinos Chapman, Mona Hatoum, Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, Sebastian Horsley, Liliane Lijn, Sarah Lucas, George Lilanga, Barney Bubbles, Whitney McVeigh, Tom Wilkinson, Kate Moross, Tessa Farmer, Ellie Rees and Stuart Semple.

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