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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Barbour / Muters Soft Drinks

Grandma and Grandpa Dunlop lived in South Shields as I was growing up. My dad and I wore Barbour waxed jackets (which he would re wax on top of the aga) when we went out shooting birds and rabbits. Needless to say my association with the brand is a far cry from hip hop stars, Shoreditch trendies, or a store in covent garden. That being said I think its great to see that the brand is still relevant, and seems to have kept its traditional customers whilst embracing new ones. I wear a Barbour jacket when I horse ride, but I'm still in two minds if I would wear one on the tube, mainly due to the waxy smell.

Founded in 1894 the award winning brand has come along way from the coal and shipping industry town. To put things in context I often think of my family business, Muter's Soft Drinks, that started in 1883, in Bedlington just 12 miles north of South Shields. I'd like to think my great grandpa had a chat to John or Malcolm Barbour.

I'm hoping that one day I'll make Muters Pineappleade again! Those labels need to be seen on the shelves again, the colours are great and design still look fresh.

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