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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Craft Central presents Fashioned during London Fashion Week

What a breath of fresh air to visit a well curated (by Sarah Hewett) exhibition of diverse and beautifully made accessories and jewellery.

Celebrating London Fashion Week Craft Central presented Fashioned featuring 'wearable art' from 25 designer-makers. Great to see one of my favourite jewellery designers there, Grace Hamilton, and lovely to discover designers work I've not yet come across.

Grace Hamilton
 Hetty Rose

 Ann-Marie Faulkner
 Ugly Lovely
Katie Brown
Alexandra Tosto - Jewellery
Alison Willoughby - Garments
Amanda Li Hope - Jewellery
Amy Keeper - Jewellery
Ann-Marie Faulkner - Millinery LOVE
Bailey Tomlin - Millinery
Bridget Harvey - Jewellery
Cezanne Agatha - Accessories
Ciara Bowles - Jewellery
Day C - Jewellery
Emma Calvert - Jewellery
House of Flora - Accessories
Grace Hamilton - Jewellery
Hetty Rose - Shoes
Katie Brown - Silk Scarves LOVE
Laura Berens - Printed Silk
Lila Milpetrova - Jewellery
Martina Bohn - Millinery
Michelle Fernandez - Jewellery
Monique Daniels - Jewellery LOVE
Sara Gunn Jewellery - Jewellery
Sophie Thomas - Jewellery
Ugly Lovely - Millinery LOVE
Yelena Loguiiko - Fashion / Millinery
Yvette Estelle Jeffrey - Jewellery

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