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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy to....

I often get requests from friends to help them to do, find or make something. The questions can range from 'where can I find a new bag in a style that you know id like' to making them things 'if I pay you can you make me; shoe bags, bunting, cushions, a hat for Ascot, a necklace from a stag horn I found'.....
So I thought I'd start sharing with the things that crop up and my response.

Hello Princess,

Hope you've been well. Just wondering if, when you get a chance, I could get your recipe for lasagne and shepherds pie? Sounded amazing! Will be cooking it this weekend. :-)

Hello Darling,

No problem hon, there are lots of versions of recipes out there but these have been passed down from my family....

Spag Bol
2 garlic cloves (I use up to 5 as I like garlicky)
1/2 onion
3 rashers of bacon or pancetta
1/2 box of mushrooms
Chop all above cook in olive oil till cooked right through and soft, medium/low heat
1 pack (350/500g) mince
Brown mince, keep mixing in. Add 1 tin chopped tomatoes, salt pepper, 1/4 bottle of red wine

Simmer for 30/40 mins or so slowly, add basil & oregano about 20mins before end (can also add dried herbs at point of cooking onions if you like). Can leave for longer, just keep adding a bit of water and some wine if it gets too dry..
I usually double the above quantity, so 1 onion 2 packs of mince etc...Tastes better the next day
Can use for lasagne

Cottage Pie
More or less the same as above but add sliced carrots (some people add peas but I cook these to serve with later)
Don't need to add wine if you don't want but DON'T add tomatoes & herbs instead add pint of stock (veg) and some tomato ketchup, worcestershire sauce to taste, and if you want darker you can always add some bisto or gravy browning (I usually do)
Boil peeled potatoes to top and grated cheese on top cook in oven till cheese is lovely and bubbly and browning.. Mmmmmm

Also the above form basis for Chilli too, add kidney beans and chilli (peppers if you like them)... don't get caught up on measurements, see how you go, enjoy


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