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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Influences of style

I'ts no secret that our style is influenced by many elements, cultures, history, travel, music and others around us. So the comparison of Rita Ora to Gwen Stefani is not a shock. Influences of starlets such as Veronica lake, mixed with hip hop have lead to combining glamour and rawness topped off with a good amount of jewellery (yes still factors that impact my look too). I'm holding out for a Gwen Stefani x Rita Ora x MIA colab....Now that what would be hot! Oh and can Jessie J fit in there somewhere too! Happy days!

Interview about influences of style I did as part of an exhibition held at the V&A Museum 'Fashion V Sport' Edited by Ligaya Salazar in 2008.

 back in 2007

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