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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Body Adorned: Dressing London

at the Horniman Museum was a really great exhibition I visited at the weekend. The Horniman has some great artifacts, similar to Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The museum has recently seen a total refurbishment and looks stunning, there was even a wedding happening in the beautiful large conservatory. The exhibition had some great examples of accessories including tribal artifacts from many countries including Papua New guinea, Borneo, Nigeria and New Zealand. Many used exotic feathers and teeth including shark and tiger teeth, to make necklaces or headdresses used for battle or spiritual protection. The exhibition also included images of London street style, which was a good idea making the artifacts relevant to today, but could have been curated differently to integrate old and new more seamlessly for example by directly reference the tradition of tattoos or body modification and show modern interpretation side by side. The exhibition left me hungry to discover more especially regarding the traditions and dress from Papua New Guinea, I can feel some experimenting with teeth and feathers in jewellery happening in the near future.....

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