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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pistol Panties pops up in Selfridges

British swimwear brand Pistol Panties launches its pop up shop in Selfridges tomorrow.
The brands founder Deborah Fleming explains "I want the new pop-up space to inject energy, colour and craziness into the store, so that everyone will know that spring has arrived and summer is on its way. It will be a real psychedelic experience, think Zebras on acid! The spring/summer 2012 collection, called Psychedelic Rodeo, was inspired by Raquel Welch as a sassy and sexy bandit in the Fifties Western Bandelero''.
Pistol Panties is a great brand, not to my personal taste but quite clearly very successful with girly girls. I just wish their website was more user friendly and represented their brand image/gravitas better. I'd be interested to know where they manufacture, as I'm not sure that its the UK.
However regardless of personal taste I really admire Pistol Panties; I remember the brand from my Surgery PR days, and its great to see how they have developed. After seeing them exhibiting at the Miami swim show in 2008, I thought that's the level I need to get Black Neon to. It takes time and money to grow, plus access to press and buying contacts. Support from the likes of Vogue and Selfridges (the first retailer to stock the brand in 2004) have undoubtedly assisted Pistol Panties to where it is today, but it's the dedication of Deborah her team, especially through hard economic times that have got the brand to where it is today. I really hope that the Selfridges Pop Up this spring translates into cash in the bank for Pistol Panties!
Read more about Deborah Fleming, the British/Colombian designer behind Pistol Panties.

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