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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty is... the eye of the beholder. We are constantly bombarded by images of skinny models and the looks of superiority thin women give; resulting in pressure to be thin or a certain size. However its up to each individual to decide what is attractive to them. I'm know never going to 7.5 stone again yet my thoughts sway between wishing I was thinner, just that half a stone lighter and loving the fact that I have distinctly athletic 'vintage' shape. Overall I'm happy being curvy, jive dancing in a vintage dress with stockings and suspenders, or pulling on a pair of tight 80s stone washed Levis. It leads me to question whether I'm attracted to the vintage look because it suits my shape, and if I wasn't the shape I am would I be into something else. Does our shape influence our life or does our life shape our body. Who knows maybe I just spent to long looking at my dads Pirelli calendar's when I was younger. To me attractive is a toned curve.

Betty Page

Cindy Crawford

Grace Jones

Helmut Newton

Ice T's wife Coco

Nicki Minaj

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