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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Curated by Martin Parr

I was excited as soon as I saw one of my favourite photographers names, Martin Parr. However the exhibition in question is not of his work, but of Australian photographer Richard Simpkin and LA based Simone Lueck.
It's clear to see why Parr has chosen these two photographers work in relation to his own vision, the clarity, colour and subject are very in keeping with Parr's own photos. The thing that sets the images apart are the influences of photographer, Parr being very British, Lueck very LA, and Simpkin who has had a long standing interest in celebrity. I particularly like Lueck's 'The Once and Future Queens' series which includes pictures of individuals who answered an online ad soliciting older woman to pose as glamorous movie stars.
You can see the Richard and Famous exhibition at Liverpool's Eye Open Gallery until 18/03/12.

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