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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nicki Minaj / Jessie J

With her alter ego's, love of barbie pink, Lil Kim esk style, top hitting song "Your Love" Nicki Minaj has come to the forefront again for her image. V Magazine shows her with a striking combo of boobs and tribal make up. I neither like or dislike the pictures but I think its good to play with imagery, and self image and not take things to seriously.

In contrast to Nicki Minja, who's image I feel is perhaps stronger that her music, Jessie J packs a punch from both sides. Her unique sleek, powerful, slighly street style and amazing singing voice certainly stands out from the crowd. I have to admit I do like her big hit 'Do it like a dude' however I think she sets the stage on fire when she sings a cappella. Jessie J flys the flag for the UK big time!! I'm really looking forward seeing what she's got in store for 2011.

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