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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Brixton, Love Rosie's

Since moving from Brixton I still visit friends southside, and I have to admit it I still think out Brixton as my home, I'm yet to acclimatise myself to the west. I miss the hustle and bustle, bright fabrics, music, market and of course food that Brixton has on offer. Rosie’s Deli Café, 14e Market Row, Brixton Market, London, SW9 is right in the heart of Brixton market. Rosie Lovell has been serving delicious wholesome food long before Brixton Market was in the floods of its regeneration. With a smile and genuine love for food Rosie offers home made soups, sandwiches, quiches, cakes, and my favourite sausage rolls. You can also buy a variety of store cupboard items to brighten up your home cooking. A 'pop up' evening restaurant over Christmas, early breakfast club, and her first book 'Spooning with Rosie' all add to the Café's unique appeal.
You can find some great recipes on her blog...

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Betheny said...

I saw this book in Urban Outfitters! Amazing. Great blog.x Not to far from me, I am near Briixton too.