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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IBIZA 0910 - A Must, Las Salinas

Driving amongst the salt flats on the way to Las Salina we would have never imagined that it was quite a walk to the deserted beach. After parking the car we found ourselves walking through a pine forest in the early morning (8.30am in Ibiza is early, unless you are seeing it from the other side, then it is indeed a late night) with sunshine rays, enthusiastic runners and mountain bikers, we finally came across several small beaches within coves of white rock.

In search of the famous Jockey Club with the hope of a comfy sun lounger and a long awaited decent breakfast, we were not disappointed. The Jockey Club effortlessly chic, with served one of the best breakfasts I have ever tasted. After grabbing the odd piece of fruit in replacement for my normally fairly substantial breakfast, the muesli, fruit, yogurt, sweet honey and crusty toast topped off with a cuppa was perfect, not to mention the idyllic view!
Little did we know that the Jockey Club has a car park, so we needn't have walked through the forest. However we wouldn't have sunbathed in the secluded coves on our way back. Unknowingly these coves are nudist, a point which we later found out when we were descended upon by a middle aged man and wife with a keen interest in playing bat and ball in the sea!

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