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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mint Siren by Josefine Wing / Brand Feature

Mint Siren by Josefine Wing is sexy, powerful and delicate all at the same time. Swedish born Josefine completed her womenswear fashion degree at ESMOD school in Norway before embarking on her Mint Siren journey. Josefine's view on lingerie is seeing each item as a fashion piece with outer wear potential, a perfect example of this aesthetic can be seen through Mint Sirens strap collection. Consisting of black or brown leather straps with brass buckles available in a caged skirt, wrist and ankle cuffs, suspender belt and chest harness. The chest harnesses caused a stir at The Lingerie Collective show I lost count of how many were sold, needless to say I'm now a proud owner of a Mint Siren brown harness, that makes me feel like I'm a naughty kid in reins!

As part of Mint Siren's ever evolving multi faceted collections Josefine (sat on the right) and Ana St.Claire have collaborated together to produce perhaps the worlds first latex handbag. The latex feels very erotic and smooth, perfectly constructed and finished the bag is labour intensive but worth the RRP around £800.
SS11's collection brings us cream stretch silk chiffon lingerie in a body, soft bra and pants and includes a pig suede 'pocahontas' poncho and matching bra and pants! Showing yet again Mint Siren's different personalities and talents.

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