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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Katharine Hamnett X Yooxygen / Swimwear

Katharine Hamnett has joined up with to produce an eco friendly swimwear range. The 1950’s inspired ‘Save the Sea’ range created with sustainable fabrics and organic cotton will include 14 different styles and designs. The range has bright bold colours, patterns on one piece swimsuits, bikinis, tote bags and beach towels.
Talking to about the new range, Katharine said: “I have called this collection SAVE THE SEA as the sea that we all love is dying due to the impact of human activities such as oil spill, sewage dumping, industrial pollution, chemical fertilizers and pesticide run-off, lack of fish stock management, over fishing, pirate fishing which can possibly lead to the extinction of species including the blue fin tuna.”
I'm sure Katharine will be infuriated by the BP oil disaster, on the few occasions I have met Katharine it amazes me how much passion and knowledge she has surrounding the earth. She inspires me to seek out information in an aim to educate myself further about the enviroment and our effects on it. A good place to start is the links page on Katharine's website.

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