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Saturday, July 17, 2010

BLACK NEON / Lingerie Buyer Brand Feature

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Lingerie Buyer Black Neon has its first brand feature!

New swimwear brand Black Neon has described itself as a labour of love. Produced in the UK, the new collection offers retro and contemporary styles.

Black Neon’s first collection displays a mixture of turquoise and coral against black and pale gold, showcasing a nod to vintage glamour as well as using modern cuts tailored to suit all body types. Created by Jodi Muter, the brand’s designer, the line is her expression of what she believes swimwear should be.

Muter graduated from Kingston in 2001, and after a 6-month stint working in a swimwear factory in Mauritius, she has the tools to launch her own line. After a few unsatisfactory production attempts abroad, Muter has decided to make sure all final sales and production are made in the UK. One of the few swimwear brands to do this, Muter believes that with better communication the UK factories are able to deliver exactly what she wants.

The extensive collection, due for release online in mid July, not only has a vast range of mix and match swimwear for around £145 RRP a set but also has resort pieces made to order. The brand has its own Black Neon blog, where it promotes the brand but interestingly discusses the whole swimwear market, showing a wider awareness of the industry.

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