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Monday, May 17, 2010

VIOLET LAKE / New UK Swimwear Brand

Violet Lake was founded by Ursula Lake who has been working as a Fashion Editor for more than 8 years. She currently holds the position of Contributing Fashion Editor for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine.
Ursula Lake was frustrated that she couldn't find mix and match tops/bottoms easily, plus the tops fastened with clasps that were difficult to use and often broke, her (and BLACK NEON's) choice of tie fastenings allows for better adjustment to your own size. The fabric used is super soft slinky and lightweight from one of the finest brand Italy has to offer, Jersey Lomellina (the same fabric BLACK NEON uses)
There are four different styles of interchangeable bikini tops and bottoms and all of these come in four different sizes and in eight different colours. Allowing ease of use and a wide range of choice. The website is great, simple and easy to use, and price wise the items are reasonable at around the £45 per item mark.
My personal favourite is the Galore top, and the Kissy bottom, in a bluey/purple colour! Hail another UK swimwear brand!
Buy Violet Lake online at

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