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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bjorg Jewellery / Lust List

BJORG is one of the most inspiring jewellery designers I have seen. The concept, vision, imagination, styling, essence, and execution of the brand is second to none. The somewhat ethereal and mystical result undoubtedly displays the purity of a distinctly Scandinavian label.
Whilst making jewellery for Black Neon one of my key ideals is to combine natural elements in their raw form, crystals, stones, shells, found objects, organic objects and encase them in something modern edgy and industrial. If you have every tried to find a black opal ring that doesn't look like it has come from a shop called 'mystical visions' or something along those lines then you'll know how special its is to find a brand like Bjorg.

Bjorg certainly has some fashion stripes, take a look a the celeb and press followers...
Jessie J - Vogue Italia

Pale Moon Unicorn Necklaces

Night Fluttering Parrot Feather Necklace

Afterlife Of The Party Black Opal Rings

BLACK NEON Amethyst Ring (quick pic on Seana, still early stages for Black Neon Jewellery)

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