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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Body, Beauty, Perception - COMPLEXD

As a women I, (as most of us do) have an interesting relationship with my body image, the clothes I choose, the food I eat, the amount of exercise I do, the mood I'm in, how I wish to be perceived, etc, etc. Body awareness and the relationships we have with ourselves, how we perceive and dare I say, judge others is a rather complexed subject. We are constantly reminded of how society thinks we should look, which in my opinion steers towards generally thin, pretty and tall? However there are people out there, such as Complexd Magazine's Editor Kered Clement, who are challenging the idea of beauty in an extremely positive way.
Complexd is the UK’s first on-line lifestyle magazine celebrating multicultural women of all shades, shapes and sizes.
The magazine features inspiring success stories of talented women, eliminating stereotypes whilst capturing a wide and varied audience. Complexd features stylish shoots, interviews and editorial pieces about women from a multitude of countries and cultures.
Complexd has a very bright future, thanks for making a positive impact to women around the world! x
The front cover of this issue features the beautiful Yasmina Rossi, who in the past I have caught a fleeting yet memorable glance of at Hannah Marshall's studio. Previously the magazine has featured Tarren Johnson and Sedene Blake

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