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Thursday, June 30, 2011

IBIZA 0611 - Trip to Formentera

Whilst on the ferry crossing to Formentera a helicopter flew overhead and landed on a rather large boat, we joked that it was Kate Moss joining P Diddy, but it did certainly lead the way for a day gaining a small bit of insight into how the super rich play.
We had lunch Restaurante Juan y Andrea, Playa Illetas (Formentera). Like most places in Ibiza or Formentera the location, decor and overall feel is laid back, chic and tasteful, food very good yet expensive (think 70E per person for lunch). I would suggest you take water to the beach, as you'll end up paying a lot over the day!

Alex wearing Black Neon 'Ultracoral' Bow Tie Bikini

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