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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drink, Shop & Do

Drink, Shop & Do is a very exciting little tea, vintage and new designer shop that is a hidden gem in Kings Cross, an area not known for its eccentric boutiques.
Housed in an old Victorian bathhouse, No. 9, Caledonian Road, N1 9DX, founders Kristie and Coralie couldn't have found a better building for their shop. Drink, Shop & Do is exactly as the name implies a space where you are free to drink, shop and indulge in activities such as 'Knit Night' held weekly on Tuesdays.

Salmon, cheese & pickle sandwiches - with crusts cut off white bread of course
Goats cheese & red onion, blue cheese & broccoli, and spinach home made tarts served with salad
Carrot cake
Chocolate truffles, which you roll in cocoa, crushed up ginger nuts or ground almonds

Pot of tea for four
Pot of tea for two
6 glasses of water
(no alcohol, which is available if you so desire!)

£10 each (there were four of us and we were very full)

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